Sooraj and Sandhya are in trouble once again. RK is back with a plan to ruin Sooraj’s life. The psychotic prisoner says, this is the time to put Sooraj(As his name means sun) on eclipse. This is called operation eclipse.

Reporter says, operation will take all the happiness from Rathi’s family. The prisoner says, save yourself from my plan.
Reporter says, how will Sandhya and Sooraj save themselves from the new game as terrorist RK has designed a dual plan. On one side he is endeavoring to escape from jail and on the other side his sisters, Disha and Prema have gained the trust of Rathi family.

Soraaj says, Disha and Prema have met and we are worried if the ones that live in our house harm us. Sandhya says, its not just about our family but his target is the whole country. He came once before with the same reason. We wants to destroy my family as well.

Reporter says, To seek vengeance from Sandhya and Sooraj RK is waiting to execute his plan Eclipse. Based on Gandhar hijack, Sooraj will be travelling with Bhabo to the cooking competition. Disha and RK will hijack the plan.

RK says, this is my vengeance that I want to take from Soaraj and Sandhya as they were main factors in failure of my last plan. This plan is to target Sooraj and his family.

It is shown the RK is in jail and Sandhya is concerened about his security. But she is oblivious to the real enemies that are accommodated in her own house, Prema and Disha.

Prema tells the reporter, I will expose my real face for the first time. People this I am an innocent village bobby, but I am going to show my face off. We have plotted a plan and are ready to execute it. Meenakshi is so angry with me and she is jealous. Menakshi says she is always around the family and that makes me possessive. R

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