Did you know? Yuvika Chaudhary wasn’t comfortable posting kissing pictures with Prince Narula earlier

Here are excerpts.
You both have a large fan base on social media. Do you enjoy that or does it scare you sometimes?
Prince: Both ways. At times, we are not able to do certain roles because people might not like. At times, it’s exciting to see the amount of love that we are showered with.

Prince, you have the image of a flirtatious guy on screen and you are friendly with women. The image may have been created by you or got created by itself. Are you telling me that there too, you’re going by the demand of the show? And Yuvika, how do you deal with the female attention he gets?
Yuvika: I would feel bad if girls didn’t give him attention. My guy should always be in demand. I then feel ‘wow, that’s my guy’. Why I say this is despite the female adulation he gets, my guy, is only after me. Isn’t that great?
Prince: You spoke about flirting. That happened by me when I was single. If you are single, you decide for yourself, don’t you? But, it was always at the back of my mind that I should never hurt anybody. Plus, when I was in a reality show, you do things because you feel they will take you forward.

Prince, what do you not like about Yuvika?
Prince: I get angry when she comes with me for a workout but does it little.
Yuvika: Listen, I am not a hulk. I don’t need to do so much of a workout as you.
Prince: Secondly, I don’t like the fact that she travels a lot by auto. She is lazy, she doesn’t like driving a car.
Yuvika: Agar Mumbai mein auto mein safar nahi kiya, toh phir kya kiya? I can’t be like him who would wait even for an hour for his driver but not drive himself.

We hear, you were planning a holiday in Maldives. Is it still on?
Prince: Yes, we were planning. But we are not going. The whole Bollywood is in Maldives. Let them come back. Warna lagega hum Mumbai se Vashi gaye hain.
Yuvika, Prince said that he goes by the demand of the show and it suggests that he moulds himself accordingly. But as far as I know, you didn’t want to do things like fight or scream which are required to be in ‘Bigg Boss’ and you even had a chat with your mother before embarking…
Yuvika: Yes, I used to feel that ‘Bigg Boss’ show is not for me. I felt that some other candidate should occupy my slot instead. But maybe I was destined to do it. So, I did it. Glad that I did! I found my life-partner (Prince)!

Who took the first initiative to declare love?
Prince: She liked me but we remained friends for 3 years. But from my side, I was mentally in a relationship with Yuvika after one year of friendship.
Yuvika: I took time.
Prince: But the day she told me that she wanted something serious and not a frivolous relationship, I pulled a surprise on her by reaching her house with my parents. And, I had taken a ring too.
Yuvika: I didn’t expect that. Aajkal life bahut fast forward ho gayi hai, people talk big about love but they don’t want to marry.

You recently put out a kissing picture. This was the third time that you have locked lips and posted it on social media. Were you apprehensive of any backlash?
Yuvika: He posts whatever his heart feels. His captions too reflect his feelings truly.
Prince: Why would I be scared of putting a picture wherein I’m kissing my wife? Apni biwi ke saath picture hai, kisi aur ke saath nahi.
Is Yuvika comfortable when you post such pictures, Prince?
Prince: (Smiles)
Yuvika: Initially I wasn’t but he has made me comfy with time. He says if you love me, love me large-heartedly, err, whole-heartedly.
Prince, we had spoken to Yuvika about her pregnancy rumours in November, last year. So, when are you becoming a father?
Prince: Aisi koi good news hogi toh tab hum pucca bateyenge. For now, we both feel that the baby should be planned when I am not working much and I can spend maximum time with Yuvika. So practically speaking, why not work for two years and then plan, so that the cost of living can be maintained?

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