Dhhai Kilo Prem is not preachy: Producer Sandiip Sikcand

Growth is invariable in life.

And the most celebrated creative director of tinsel town Sandiip Sikcand too has decided to test new waters as he turns producer.

Launching his show Dhhai Kilo Prem soon on Star Plus, Sandiip is much kicked about his new role.

Stating that it was easy to shift base, his serial will depict the tale of two overweight people Deepika and Piyush (Anjali Anand and Meherzan Mazda) who leave behind their physical attributes to find love.

Co-produced by his mentor Ekta Kapoor, Sandiip also revealed that his life and challenges is the inspiration behind the show.

Sometime back we met the creative man and got in an insightful conversation with him.

This is my own story

I was this fat kid who never took part in any activities in school. I was called names like Fatty, Motu. I still have weight issues and am on diet 365 days a year. This is my story and how I dealt with the issues of being an overweight person. Also a lot of characters in the boy’s family are similar to the ones I have in my life. Most importantly, the lead and his mother’s relationship, mirrors my bonding with my mom completely.

Sounds good… difficult to follow

In a time when we are so hooked towards our physical appearances, thoughts like being comfortable in your own skin looks like a passé. Our show will address the same issue but in a slice of life, fun yet compelling way.
Dhhai Kilo Prem is not preachy

TV soaps usually have the female leads having issues be it skin color or short height. I was clear that my show will have the boy also facing the same issues. That’s how it is in real life; problems don’t choose genders. In Dhhai Kilo, we will see Deepika taking the setbacks as a driving force and helping Piyush rise high too.
Actor’s tale

While Anjali is overweight, Meherzan is using prosthetic to look his part. He has gone beyond my expectations and also put on 12 kilograms to look the part. But most importantly I did not choose them for their weight but purely on their talent. Both are great performers and that would solely help the show look real.
At ease with Star Plus

Even though it’s my first production but honestly it was not at all difficult. I was very much at home with Star Plus. I have worked with them from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein now. Also Amrit Manthan (Life OK) was part of the Star family. It is home ground for me.

Balaji and Ekta Kapoor are my gurus

I am completely Ekta’s baby. Though she is not involved in the production but I keep her updated with everything I do. When I showed her the pilot she told me how proud she is for me. I was also clear that I wanted to get Balaji Telefilms on board as the co-producers. When I approached them, Shobha aunty was like ‘you are ghar ka baccha’ of course, we will do it.

I am not bothered about the afternoon slot

Content is the king on TV any day. When we launched Yeh Hai Mohabbatein at the 11 pm slot, we were really scared except Ekta. She was really confident and told us that timeslot will never matter if your product is good. These are the learning I have got from her. Thus, if Star Plus had asked me to make a show at 6:30 am in the morning, I would have said yes. It knows its game well.

Comparison with Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Comparisons are bound to happen. Every show that you watch on TV is primarily saas-bahu, so are all same same? I am okay with these assessments as Dum Laga Ke was quite a big hit. But I will maintain that my story, my characters are completely different from the film.

Future projects

I will continue to write for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as it’s my first baby. My hands are quite full with YHM and Dhhai Kilo and I am not the same young man who can take so much work. I want to take it easy.
Dhhai Kilo Prem will launch 3 April at 2 pm.

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