Delectable! Chef Vikas Khanna takes us on a journey of Indian food that has “complexity of flavors and the multiple notes”

MUMBAI:   Food brings people together, it’s a conversation starter and the soul of every party! Food is a celebration in itself and Discovery channel is bringing a unique show that will take us through the culinary history of our country and its exotic flavors.

Miscelin star chef Vikas Khanna who is known to cook up a storm and experiment with traditional recipes is hosting the show called ‘The Journey of India’. Heaping praises for the Indian cuisines, the world renowned chef said, “I have traveled to innumerable countries in my time as a chef. However, the diversity of Indian cuisine is simply unparalleled. The complexity of flavors and the multiple notes it can hit at once simultaneously makes it unlike any other. Indian food has a soul of its own.”

Khanna will take viewers through a delectable journey of various food diversities, flavors and recipes. He will educate us on the Indian food traditions and legacy.

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He added, “I can’t wait to take my fellow viewers through the journey of India’s un-really diverse palette and how it emerged as one of the top global delicacies.”

The Journey of India airs on all Discovery channels in India and on OTT on Discovery+.

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