Dalljiet Kaur reveals how son Jaydon reacted after meeting fiance Nikhil Patel for the first time; says, “I just froze thinking Nik kya sochega”

MUMBAI: Dalljiet Kaur who has been through a turbulent marriage with former Bigg Boss contestant Shalin Bhanot, has found love again. The Kulvaddhu actress is all set to marry UK-based Nikhil Patel in March 2023. She will be moving abroad with her son Jaydon. 

Talking about her marriage with Nikhil, who is a businessman, Dalljiet said, “The wedding is in March, and I am still figuring out a lot of things. I will move to Nairobi (Africa) for a couple of years, as Nikhil is placed there for work right now. We will eventually move back to London, where he was born and raised.”

Speaking of how her son Jaydon reacted on meeting Nikhil, Dalljiet said, “Jaydon is quite mature for his age. I have dated before, and he would ask me if I was considering the guy for marriage. He has always yearned for a father, but I needed to be sure that I got him a good dad and myself a good husband because it’s a matter of our lives. However, when he met Nik for the first time a couple of months ago, he addressed him as papa on his own. I just froze thinking Nik kya sochega, as we hadn’t decided on marriage back then. Nik, without even batting an eyelid, started playing with him. That day when Jaydon met him, we just knew that we wanted to be together.”

On her equation with Nikhil’s daughters, Dalljiet said, “I am proud of having such a beautiful girl in Aariyana. Her mother has raised her so well. She is very talented and sings like magic. We bond over girly topics, and we can talk about everything. She is the daughter I never had. I have always wished to have one and I am glad that my prayers have been answered. I am yet to meet his younger daughter, Aanika, who is eight.”

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