Dadaji creates trouble for the Chauhans in SAB TV’s Trideviyaan

The Chauhan family in SAB TV’s Trideviyaan is shocked with the entry of a child (Aryan Prajapati) who claims to be Dinanath’s father. Adding to their surprise, he also claims that he knows everything about them and makes some shocking revelations about the family which only they are aware of.

He starts commanding respect from all the family members. He even orders around the house to follow certain etiquettes. He instructs all the women in the house to cover their head as a mark of respect. Later, he asks the men in the house to grow a moustache and says that if they don’t have a moustache they are not manly enough.

Now, on his order all the men in the house will wear funny moustaches. The Chauhans would get really upset and worried about who this kid really is?

While the moustache drama will go on, Dinanath (Rituraj Singh) will decide to find out about the kid’s real identity.

What is the reality behind the kid’s identity and what could his motive for entering the Chauhans house?
Actor Rituraj confirmed the above development!

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