Bigg Boss 15′: Devoleena reacts to the latest fight between Pratik and Jay

Former contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee has commented on social media about current ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestant Pratik Sehajpal.

She wrote: “Well I missed few things last nite. I feel we cant assume things seeing just the highlights. Should wait to watch the full episode. Waise yes #PratikSehajpal mein dam to hai jungle mein sabki jungliyat saamne nikaal ne ki” (Pratik Sahajpal has the power to take out everyone’s wild side in the forest.)

The actress reacted to the tweets going around the promo in which Pratik and Jay have a major fight. It was seen earlier Pratik had an argument with Miesha Iyer and now Jay. Few are saying he is poking his nose unnecessarily. Jay also says that Pratik held him by his collar. Pratik tore the map and that is how the fight started. Actually this map was given to the contestants to survive in the jungle area. But Pratik stole this map that resulted in major fight between him and Jay.

In the promo it can be seen participants are trying to find the map by picking up the blankets and sofas. During this time the fight starts between them. Karan also can be seen shouting at Pratik. Karan, Ieshaan, Nishant Bhat everyone tries to control Pratik but he doesn’t stop and breaks the glass door. So, Pratik has already started grabbing attention.

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