Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin, Aly, Rahul, and Nikki to fight it out for captaincy

The Bigg Boss house is a very difficult place to live in, and the contestants sometimes lose their control on the show.

To maintain a little disciple in the house, Bigg Boss introduced the captaincy task, where every week, the housemates fight against each other in a task to become the captain of the house.

Since the last two days, the housemates have been playing the panchayat task. The house was divided into two teams. Team B (Jasmine, Aly, Rahul, and Nikki) won.

These contestants will be facing each other in the captaincy task, and one of them will become the captain of the house.

In the past, Jasmin and Aly have already been the captain of the house. This will be the first time that Rahul or Nikki will become the captain, if either wins.

Team B won as Rahul, Nikki, Jasmin, and Aly played the game very well, and according to sanchalak Kavita, they performed better.

Who according to you will become the next captain?

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