Bigg Boss 11 to have a gossip segment; hosts revealed

Yes! This is happening. The makers of the show are adding a gossip segment in the show and it will be called Bigg Buzz
The current season of Bigg Boss is perhaps the most controversial and resultantly it has been seeing a good number on the TRP charts. There have been fights, arguements, tittle tattles galore in this season. People have been making fun of each other’s sexual orientation, spitting on to each other’s face and abusing each others’ families in this season inside the Bigg Boss glass mansion! A lot of false claims that were made by the inmates like Zubair and Akash have come out into the open. There have also been instances when a contestant wanted to run away from the house unable to bear the presurre of being in the house.
The show is receiving good TRPs and that is what the makers have been trying for. They are paying a bomb to contestants like Hina Khan, Hiten Tejwani, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. And it seems like it is working for them.
Now just to add a bit of more spice to the show, the makers have come up with an interestingly new idea.
There is going to be a gossip segment on the show, which will be called Big Buzz. The season has already had a few changes like Friday Ka Faisla. And now this gossip segment will be amongst those changes.
The Big Buzz will feature interviews of the eliminated contestants of this season as well as some of the famous ex-contestants of Bigg Boss. It will also feature all the latest news and gossips of the Bigg Boss house.
Can you guess who the hosts are going to be?
Well, it is going to be none other than Priya Malik and Sahil Khattar. The show will be exclusively aired on Voot, the app. It will be a weekly episode which will be telecast every Monday.

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