Shiv is seen fighting with death while lying on the hospital bed. Anandi cries while holding his hand. Shiv struggles to breath. Reporter says Shiv died in the show. His family has recalled him. Reporter says Shiv comes back for the flashback scene. His family is recalling him. She says it is daily soaps story. Anandi cries holding his hand. Akhri alvida plays……………

Reporter says it is Shiv and Anandi’s last meeting. Anandi assured her Shiv that she will take care of herself while crying and kids. Shiv says he said what a man says while going, remembers his family. He says it was Anandi’s love which wanted him to be alive, but he can’t be alive. Reporter says Shiv is saying bye bye since a week. This is his last scene and he will not come back again. Keep reading,

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