Nimboli spends some quality time with her namesake mum. Teri Main Balaye Lun…………….plays………Nimboli hugs Mangla (Disa) and mingles with her while the song continues to play. Reporter says there are two mothers in a daughter’s life. One is the mother and the other is her mum in law. Nimboli is very lucky and unlucky as she has Disa to love her and her mum in law to scold her. She has become more matured in such a tender age. Reporter says Nimboli has one more mother, who is oblivious to her.

Nimboli says she is Anandi’s daughter, but more intelligent than her. Mangla says she is new generation bahu and laughs. Reporter says Dadisaa controlled Anandi and now your mum in law is also controlling you. She is made to do the household chores. Harki says, mother in law and daughter in law fight is natural. She says Harki is training her bahu. Reporter says Nimboli is living challenge every day. Disa loves and pampers her at her inlaws place. She tells about the Maa word. Keep reading.

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