Awesome ! Bhagyalakshmi’s Smita Bansal introduces the makers behind the show

MUMBAI : The show ‘Bhagyalakshmi’ airing on Zee TV is getting much appreciation for its unconventional and intriguing storyline. The story revolves around Lakshmi’s life taking an unexpected turn when her family gets her married to a rich businessman, Rishi Oberoi. However, she is feeling betrayed when she learns the truth about her marriage.

The characters in the show are playing their roles with full convention making audiences get hooked on the screen. But to bring this on tabe there is a lot of hard work and dedication put in by the makers of the show. Actor Smita Bansal is portraying the character of Neelam Virendra Oberoi in the show. She seems to be very excited to introduce the makers behind the show in this video. We can see all crew members from Production Priyanka Karna and team, from Direction Muzammil Desai and team ,from Creative Akansha Shukla, from Director of photography Deepak Malwankar and the team.

The upcoming episode will showcase Lakshmi and Rishi’s separation post Rishi’s marriage with Malishka.It was earlier seen that Rishi and Lakshmi have parted ways. Lakshmi cannot stay with Rishi after coming to know Rishi cheated on her for Malishka. She regrets all the time she madly loved Rishi.
However Neela fights with Virendar for letting Lakshmi go away from Rishi’s life forever. Virendar supports Lakshmi. Earlier Malishka was Virendar’s choice but now learns that only Lakshmi was perfect for Rishi.

As Lakshmi marks her permanent exit from Rishi’s life, will the Kundali Dosh return back in Rishi’s life?

Will Lakshmi come back again to save him?

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