Arshi Khan talks about her rift with Vikas gupta and what caused it

Arshi khan who has been known for the famous big boss stint and also for her being absolutely upfront in every occassion recently on a talk show with Sidharth Kanan spoke about her fall out with Vikas Gupta and how she now has let bygones be bygones and moved on she also spoke elaborately on the reason saying ” i thought Vikas Guota had gotten me replaced on the show Khatron ke khiladi amf that did not go down well with me i had before that heard that he does take work away from people and when the KKK show did not happen i thought he had done it to me. so i blocked him from everywhere and that was my initiative but later as months went by i realised it wasnt what i thought and hence i picked up the phone on him and we spoke for clarified everything we are on cordial terms now and i am glad about it.”

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