Anuraag Malhan shares his interest in skills apart from acting

Anuraag Malhan, known for playing the lead in TV show ‘Sethji’, is also passionate about painting and writing apart from acting.

He says: “Apart from acting, I enjoy painting and writing. They both are my imagination graphs. Reality has moved a lot ahead of our imagination. I feel true art baffles all emotions. Art need not be moral because morality is the result of human relationships. And art can define all relations. The best way to find peace is to paint as you feel. Being a pure artist, let your art be for art’s sake. If others don’t like what you imagine, let them stay on their own. I do that to please myself and find mental peace and relaxation.”

Malhan, has appeared in short film ‘The Lovers’ as an actor and producer with Shweta Basu Prasad and Zarina Wahab as his co-star.

The actor reveals he is looking forward to his Bollywood debut.

He adds, “After bringing part of the TV and digital screen. I feel now it’s time to explore the Bollywood screen. As an actor I want to grow hence I put all my efforts to explore something new instead of keeping myself engaged in something which I successfully did. No doubt if in between I get something on TV or web which benefits me by offering a good role I’ll be open to them but my priority will be to star on the golden screen.”

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