Anupamaa: Sudhanshu Pandey aka Vanraj says he wouldn’t have done Anuj Kapadia’s role EVER; here’s why

Anupamaa is right now among the most popular television shows. And now the prequel Anupamaa: Namaste America narrating the story of young Vanraj and Anupamaa too has been winning a lot of hearts. However, Vanraj’s character in this show is one of the most hated characters and that is a win for Sudhanshu as an actor. Ever since Anuj Kapadia has marked an entry into Anupamaa’s life, Vanraj has been termed as a villain and Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj’s character has become the hero.
But Sudhanshu says that he would have never played Anuj’s character if offered and explained why! He was quoted saying to Indian Express, “Honestly, I would have had inhibitions if Vanraj was a good man. If I was offered a character like Anuj (the recent love interest of Anupamaa), I would have never done it. Those kinds of parts are seen on television all the time. A hero, who is not typically a nice man, and has grey shades is never seen. That was a challenge for me to make Vanraj look real. He has his vulnerability, gets jealous, is competitive and even has love in his heart. At the end of the day, his principles are so strong and he will do anything for his family. There are so many shades to him that it’s been a wonderful experience playing him. Those mental complexities make him a beautiful character.”
Addressing the rumours of being insecure about Rupali Ganguly’s popularity he said, “For me to get insecure, I would need to forget the 47 feature films that I have done, being part of India’s first boy band or being popular across the globe and being associated with the biggest Hollywood films. It would mean there’s something seriously wrong with me. I have a huge body of work and I am pretty proud of it. Just because a character that I am playing is not receiving love won’t make me insecure. Honestly, without Vanraj, there would be no drama. The story won’t be as strong as it is without him. Vanraj is the biggest catalyst in the story.” Indeed Sudhanshu is one secure artist and he has proved it time and again.

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