Akriti Kakkar and her team craved for energy of live stage

Singer Akriti Kakkar is glad that live music shows are back in business. While the time was tough for everyone during the pandemic, the singer reveals she and the team managed to pull through.

Sharing her excitement about the improving live music scene in India, Akriti says: “Last two years have been exceptionally hard for the entertainment industry. Fortunately I got the assignment to judge ‘Sare gama pa’ on Zee Bangla in September 2020. And live gigs from November 2020.”

The singer feels blessed to have to have a team that has supported her throughout.

“My team has been relentlessly working with me towards maintaining the momentum at work and simultaneously balancing rest/ studio recording work and other content creation. As for the live shows during this time and even now, my band goes through regular RT-PCR checks before every travel and even rehearsal, everyone is doubly vaccinated, and we take our share of precautions when we are out of our homes for work,” she says.

Quoting an interesting hashtag for her team, the ‘Saturday Saturday’ singer says: “As a team #Akritikakarlive we craved for the live energy for all those months of lockdown but since November it’s been so gratifying a process. To be able to gig on stage and travel in such hard challenging times is nothing short of magical for us. Even when on stage, most of my band is still masked while performing.”

Finding the silver lining, she says: “The number of people has reduced drastically that we perform for. But that’s good I guess for the time being. As far as I get to do what I love so deeply, it’s all good.”

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