Akhlaque Khan’s stint with crime leaves him shocked

Crime is dangerous and heinous. A brush with it leaves one shattered and shocked.
TV’s popular face Akhlaque Khan is one such person who feels the the country needs to be a safer abode, specially for women.

The actor, who will soon be seen in Life OK’s new thrilling tale, produced by Rajan Shahi, recently was left moved while he was part of an episode of Savdhan India.

The story helmed by Sachin Khot’s production will see him pair opposite Kaali fame actor Swati Kapoor.
The tale that will deal with the murder investigation of a girl was shot in Delhi and the actor, as he mentioned was left aghast with the data he received.

“Recently, we celebrated women’s day with much aplomb but are we really treating women the way we should. The number of crimes against women has not really gone down and that is a matter of concern for all of us. I was shocked that women are kidnapped, raped and murdered in the most gruesome way all around us,” Akhlaque mentioned.
He further added, “As a nation we need to analyze what is making our women so prone to such crimes. And rather than just singing praises of the other sex, let’s look deep within us and find a way to empower them and make them live in a safe and happy world.”

Well said Akhlaque!!

The actor’s episode of Savdhan India will air soon on Life OK.

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