Akash Gill saves child from ill-treating parents

Actor Akash Gill, who is currently seen as an effeminate in “Rishton Ka Chakravyuh”, expressed anger at parents who were ill-treating their child.
According to a statement issued by the publicist of the actor, Akash was waiting at a bus stop where he saw a boy who was being abused by his parents. They were calling him names like ‘chhakka’ because he was standing like a girl. Akash couldn’t control himself and gave them a piece of advice.
Talking about it, Akash said: “I got really angry when I saw them threatening and abusing an innocent boy. I explained to them why they should not abuse the kid, that too in a public place just because he was standing like a girl. Although they strictly told me not to interfere as it was their personal matter, I threatened to expose their abusiveness towards their son… They got scared and apologised.
“However, I told them that instead of apologising to me they should say sorry to their son. His mother was in tears when I told them that the boy might experience severe low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence in future, which will in turn increase the risk of suicidal thoughts,” he added.
“Irrespective of whether he is effeminate or masculine, he deserves love and care,” Akash said.

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