Against all ODDS, this show has managed to complete 100 episodes..!

The show was an underdog, but is a followed show now..

Completing 100 episodes these days is a sureshot feat for several shows as the competition is cut throat and many shows that get launched with a bang, unfortunately, do not see the light of success ahead.

And, where a show like ‘Ishqbaaaz’ completed 200 episodes recently, and ‘Naamkarann’ completed 100 episodes, another show has now joined this elite bandwagon.

And that show is none other than the Sab TV show, ‘Icchapyaari Naagin.’ Yes! That’s right.

The SAB TV show, which began as an underdog on a lesser GRP-based channel, has managed to sustain the tough competition and has now achieved a feat of completing 100 episodes.

The cast and crew of the show are in a happy mood, where they are planning a celebration on the telecast of the 100th episode and will, in fact, be watching the episode together.

We wish the cast and crew of the show loads of congratulations..!

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