After Sahil Uppal, now Samridh Bawa caught an eye infection

A few days back, we reported about actor Sahil Uppal from Colors’ daily Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan (Rajshri Productions) getting affected by conjunctivitis for which the makers had to show Sahil aka Kunal in specs in the show.
Now we hear that, Samridh Bawa who essays the role of Karan in the daily has been suffering from the infection these days.
The makers again had to introduce a new track where Karan will be shown getting affected with an eye infection on-screen as well and he will be shown in glares.
When we contacted Samridh, he commented, “I like to express through my eyes but I can’t do it now. It’s very itchy all day long. I make sure to maintain cleanliness around so that others do get affected. I always sanitize my hands and keep washing. I avoid having an eye contact with people on sets until and unless it is required for the scene. Even Sahil had taken a lot of precautions but still it happened; it’s not his fault. It’s been five days now and I hope to recover soon.”
Take care, Samridh!

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