Aarohi aka Karishma Sawant SHARES her experience on being a part of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has become the longest-running show on TV right now. Sirat and Kartik’s Jodi is the most adored onscreen duo at present.

With the current promo post the leap, we see how Aarohi has grown up to be a strong yet proud girl and Akshara is the giving one. Well, the sisters are all set to have a love triangle with Abhimanyu aka Harshad’s entry. The story is that Aarohi is head over heels for Abhimanyu but he seems to have fallen for Akshara.

The show will unfold a new story with grown-up Akshara, Kairav, and Aarohi. It was earlier updated that Pranali Rathod has been roped in for the show as Akshara, Mayank Arora as Kairav, Harshad Chopda to play Abhimanyu, and Karishma Sawant to play Aarohi in the show post the leap.

We got in touch with the gorgeous Aarohi aka Karishma Sawant and asked her about her character in the show, her reaction, and more. Check out what the beauteous had to reply.

Tell us something about your character in the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Aarohi is a girl who puts herself first and believes in herself and her dreams above anything else. The character feels a lot. She has a rollercoaster of emotions inside of her. My role in the show is very realistic. It’s about how we really are most of the time in our lives. Her extremities are something that attracts me to her. If we try and empathize with her, we will all be able to relate to her in some or another way.

After having a successful career in the Aviation industry, what inspired you to take up this Hindi TV Show?

I have been a lifelong enthusiast of the acting industry. I grew up watching a lot of Hindi movies and shows and hoping to be a part of them someday. I think it’s the love and passion I have for acting that has got me here.

Tell us about the various preparations that you have done for your character in the show.

This being my first ever Hindi TV show, I need to ensure that I am understanding every detail of the character well and doing justice to it. I have been eating healthy, practising dance regularly as well as taking up a few acting workshops so I do not miss out on anything, preparation-wise.

What is in store for the audience from the show?

How much ever we have shot has been amazing. It goes without saying that this show has everybody’s heart. Being a part of it makes me feel honoured and respected. It is like living your dream. Family is all we have in this world. It’s the greatest joy. Big or small, every member of the family has their role to play which is very well showcased by Rajan Sir so a sense of family and comfort is what you can expect out of the show. Moreover, the journey of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been witnessed by all of us so we know for sure that it will always keep the audiences glued to the screen, no matter what.

We are excited to meet Aarohi on screens, and you?

For more exciting updates, stay tuned.

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