Natik kisses akshara.
Reporter says, its not even friday but akshara got a kiss from her husband and she is shying. Who will says they have been married for ten years.

Off screen Akshara says, this has been running in continuity. Natik says and it is increasing. Akshara says, yeah he kissed in front of whole family. There might come a time when out children will be in our laps and romance will still be on going.

Reporter says, the love of Akshara and natik is the USP of the show. The smile of Akshara shows that there is something whole family is concealing from Divyani.

Divyani says, you have tell me now what is it. Natik says yeah today is such a special day but we won’t tell you.

Natik off screen says, there is a surprise we have planned for her but we won’t tell her now. Akshara says Naman is getting his first salary. That’s a really good thing.
Akshara says we want to buy something for his mother we don’t want a personal gift.

Divyani finds the cheque of Naman’s first salary and is so excited.
Divyani says I want him spend his money wisely and his earnings with the family. I don’t him to bring anything i just want him to acknowledge and respect elders.

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