Akshara and Naik are so happy with the rest of the Singhaniya family. Entire house us decorated and guests are being welcomes as it Nandani’s baby shower. naksh tells the reporter, there is a little baby in her womb. So we have decorated whole family. Nandani says, its a special day in Singhaniya house and it is decorated pretty well.

Before baby shower could be completed Naksh tells everyone how his grandmom annoys him. He says, yash is scared but not me. i will tell everyone what his grandmom does to him.

Naksh tells the reporter, Yes i talked to Yash. He used to be upset in school so one day he told me everything. Today, His grandmom was taking him to beat because he hugged Nandani. I saw her and told everyone. Everyone scolded at her and she went out.

This infuriated Nandaani and she said why you torture him. I have asked you so many times not to say him anything. Nandani says, I have been notcing she treats Yash badly so i had to stop her.

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