Shagun is standing in kid’s room with her back towards the door. Raman comes in and hugs her from back. Ishika sees them from the door and is shocked and upset. This was just a game bu shagun. Just when the lights turn on Raman gets to know its Shagun not Ishita. Raman says in shock what are you doing here? She says I came here to get the ointment. Ishita says medicines are not placed in kid’s rooms. They are in hall, how were you standing here when you have got a bruise. Shagun says I didn’t do it deliberately. I couldn’t see anything. Raman says but you could hear, you could tell me when I held you. Shagun says I didn’t realize.

Ishita says I am the idiot who has brought Shagun home not Raman. There is a scene after this one, that I will hit Shagun. Ishita says raman asked me to come, because he wanted to tease me. Shagun overheard us and came there before me. Raman knows her reality and now I know it as well. We are just tolerating her for aadi.

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