Simar makes laddos for diwali function, she makes mataji eat those laddos.

Reporter says, in simar’s in laws house, the happiness and brightness has come and see Simar has comeback to her house to celebrate Diwali with her husband. till how much, she would live away from her house, she has comeback to spread goodness in her house again.

Off-screen Simar says, I don’t like to burn firecrackers on Diwali, I don’t like pollution, I make sweets and lit diyas in my house.

Reporter says, Today Simar’s face is glowing, she is dressed nicely and will not allow anything to be less in function.

reporter says, you must be shocked to see that Simar has returned after so much, well actually truth is that she is seeing all this in flashback, where once she used to live with her in laws happily but now she is leaving the house but memories will be with her always.

Simar looks at Prem, she gives aarti plate to Surbhi. She folds her hand and greets everyone in house, finally she leaves the house.

Off-screen Simar says, I cant let injustice happen with Surbhi, I am very kind, I am leaving the house so that Surbhi gets the right of daughter in law in the house.

Reporter says, Simar is gone but Prem’s Diwali will be dull as his Simar will not be by his side.

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