Simar is on the floor. She has fainted. Roli is on the floor as well. Amar has lost his mind and he comes again to attack Simar. Prem, sid and everyone come downstairs and save simar. Sid hits Amar and so does prem. Amar has been hypnotized actually and he tried to rape roli. Amar doesn’t feel anything as he is hypnotized.

Off screen: Prem says we are infuriated to see amar attacking our wives. We were about to kill him but mata ji came and stopped us. Prem says our inspiration is from the green eyed woman. I hit him and then I gave my power to sid and then he punched amar. Amar says my mind doesn’t know that i have been beaten, so when I wake up next morning I felt the physical pain, then I realized that I have been beaten up.

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