Urmi has left her family in tears. She has passed away. Modi family is gloomy as the perform her funeral obligations. This is the last goodbye from them to Urmi. This all is however just a drama. The real reason is to get Radha behind bars who has entered modi house by force.

Gopi tells the reporter, we did all we couldn’t even do in Rashi’s funeral. Its a funny sequence. jigar says, ask me how it was the journey of hell. We had to carry urmi on our shoulder. Urmi says today my death’s drama has shown everyone’s real face.

The most important challenge was to get Urmi out of woods before burning them in front of Radha. Paridhi made Radha busy with her and urmi gets out of the woods which were burnt later. Everyone knew about this drama except for Urmi’s husband. He was crying madly. Kokila tried to tell him with hidden words that she is not dead. Radha says, I never wanted her to be dead. She is my aunt after all.

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