Urmi has died and everyone is accusing Radha for her death. Paridhi says, you killed my aunt you belong to a jail not this house. Gopi says, you will be thrown behind bars. Urmila is lying dead on a slab of ice. Kokila goes weeping to her and says what happened to you. You can’t leave us like this. She whispers, don’t get up our plan is working. Radha is really dazed.

Off screen: Kokila says, we are sick of radha and we want to get rid of her now. Paridhi says, we all made this plan to scare her. And she might flee from this house in fright. She thinks Urmi has died. Radha says, everyone was smiling and I was really shocked. I thought I have killed Urmi.

Urmi says, it was like a fear factor for me. I shivered when I lay on the ice but then I got numb.

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