Radha says kokila modi if you want your grand daughter you have to sit in my feet and beg me. Kokila follows, Radha says rub your nose on the ground. Kokila does it. She slaps Kokila hard on the face. Radha takes the bag of money. Gopi is standing on the other side of the lake. Modi’s are thinking that they will get Rashi after giving money, Radha takes the bag and starts running. Kokila grasps her and slaps her twice. Kokila says tell where is rashi? Radha bites her and shoves kokila. She flees from there.

Off screen: Kokila says i will have to face anything for my daughter. But I have faith in God i will win it in the end. Radha says kokila is in front of me I have the chance to make her anything. Kokila says I am begging her. Radha says I am mad because I have lost the baby. They think i have the baby and I think they have her.

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