Kokila slaps Paridhi on her face. Kokila says I thought you’re are one who can fill this vacuum in Jigar’s life. I was wrong. You should be ashamed. I could never dream that you could do this. This girl won’t stay in our house for a moment. She throws her out of the house.

Reporter says, Paridhi has been slapped by kokila due to her own deeds. Paridhi got exposed in a way that Kokila had to slap her in front of whole family and throw her out.

Off screen: Kokila says, these young generation makes mistakes that need to be rectified. We have to be harsh to teach them. Pari says, I am being punished for my past now. Radha hs revealed my past and that is why I am being slapped. Kokila says, she only likes Jigar and hates the family. She wants to flee with Jigar, far away from Modi house. Radha says, I have done this to seek revenge from her. I can’t stay quite. I am never going to be frightened.

Gopi stops Kokila from throwing Pari out. She says I plea you, please give her another chance. Kokila says, no Gopi.

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