Paridhi has become bride once again. She has been released from abduction. Jigar married her once again. Whole family has accepted her. Gopi dresses her like a bride and takes her to temple. Where Jigar and Paridhi get married again. Radha comes in and says one minute. She comes in with cops and says I am pregnant with your child and you are trying to pretend that I abducted Paridhi. She has women rights comission with her. A woman says if you do any injustice to radha your whole family suffer.

Off screen: Paridhi says I am very happy that whole family has accepted me. They know what Radha did to me. Jigar says the love feeling is back once again. Jigar says nothing happens without problems so Radha came again. I have no interest in wedding anymore. I am tired of, I have married 6 to 7 times in the show.

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