Reporter says, Aahil and Sanam are seen in a party for a product launch. Parda Parda plays…………….Sanam is seen with a woman covered in a burqa. Reporter says they are in the party, suddenly it becomes dark. Some lady collides with Sanam and she is old character.

This lady tries to tell something to Sanam in sign language but Sanam couldn’t understand her and goes to bring water. When the lady uncovers her face, we came to know that she is Asad’s mom Dilshaad. She is meeting her grand daughters for the first time.

Tanveer wants to attack Sanam but because of Dilshaad, she gets unsuccessful. Aahil tells about Kohinoor project and says Dilshaad will meet Sanam, Seher and Haya together for the first time. Tanveer says. she will kill Sanam just like she killed her parents Asad and Zoya.

Reporter says, Dilshaad seems to be happy with her return and so is Sanam enjoying the party. Abhi Toh Party shuru Huyi Hain plays while everyone enjoy the party. They happily shot for the scene. Keep reading.

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