Sanwaar loon song plays as Ajabde gets ready for her marriage with her love Kunwar Pratap. Reporter says, She is getting dressed, she is making herself more beautiful, she is wearing heavy jewelry, she is blushing, she is bride of Maharana Pratap who is shy and excited. After a long wait, the time has come when Ajabde is becoming bride of Pratap.

Ban ke titli Dil Urra Song plays, Phool says I was waiting for this day, finally its happening, I very very happy for Ajabde. Reporter says, Phool is taking off evil eye from Ajabde and Ajabde is looking full bride in red bridal dress, Today Kunwar Pratap will drool over her beauty. Reporter says, siter of Ajabde, Phool is very well dressed.

Off-screen Ajabde says, Phool is wearing more jewelry than me, Phool says I have changed my necklace, I have changed style of taking dupatta and I have changed my hair style. I will dance when my mood allows me, Ajabde teases her, Phool says, its my sister’s marriage so I will dance.

Reporter says, Ajabde and Phool share a very cordial relation, they are naughty and have fun being together. Ajabe and Phool sing songs off-screen.

Reporter says, Like Ajabe, Pratap is also about to get ready and soon his groom look will be shown. Ajbade invites that We are having grand marriage in Mahrana Pratap so all must come. Phool says, yes comes to eat food, Ajabde and Phool laughs.