Heated argument takes place between Ajabde and Dheer Bai Bhatiyani.

On-screen, Bhatiyani says to Ajabde that its not your fault but fault is of your upbringing and manners. You always do mistake even when you know you are a queen. Ajabde says enough, I cannot bear insult of parents. Pratap is shocked to see Ajabde answering back his choti maa.

Pratap says in interview that Ajabde is giving me head ache. I love my choti maa a lot and she says saying wrong to her. Ajabde is alleging her and I am getting angry.

Reporter says, Pratap being a loyal son scolds ajabde. Pratap says to ajabde that how dare You point finger at my choti maa. What do you know about her? or about mine and her relation. I cannot give permission to anyone to break my family. Reporter says, the reason for this fight was who mixed poisonous haldi to Pratap.

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