Kumkum Bhagya: ‘Mission Moon’ for drunked husband and wife!

Well, if one wasn’t enough, now both husband and wife are drunk in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

The reporter says all knew about Pragya being drunk, but what happened to him suddenly that he’s also behaving like her. Abhi says Pragya became difficult to handle and in this situation he thought of drinking himself. After that what a dance they had. Pragya says she’s having a lot of fun. There is no definition for them what’s right and wrong. She’s free.

Abhi and Pragya, both drunk, are having conversation on their terrace when Pragya sees moon and wants to take it to their room. Abhi tries to get the moon down and Pragya cheers for the rockstar, but he fails. Then, Pragya herself gets up to teach Abhi how to bring moon down. She jumps to catch it, but fails.

When they both fail individually, Pragya thinks of joining hands for this mission. She tells Abhi he’s so tall and if he lifts her, she will be able to get it down.

Abhi agrees and lifts Pragya who tries to catch the moon. But they fail, and fall on a couch.

The reporter asks Pragya if she’s happy getting love from her husband finally. She says she’s little happy, but she knows the truth. Her husband doesn’t love her just yet.

They both are then shown looking into each other. Abhi takes off her glasses and then both have eyelock.

The reporter says, don’t worry Pragya. He will fall in love one day and that time, love intoxication would be enough to fall in love.

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