Abhi took the dhanush to end Ravan. Aa Dekhe Zara plays…………………Abhi picked the dhanush but Purab is also holding the dhanush and came to end Ravan’s dahan. Abhi’s phone ring and Purab did Ravan’s end. Abhi gets furious.

Reporter says, Abhi didn’t know that Purab would come there and end Ravan. Abhi scolded Purab and said him so much. Aaliya also got annoyed seeing Purab there and tells that Purab and Bulbul are enjoying their life.

Abhi grabs Purab’s collar and pushed him on the ground. Dadi came to his rescue. Abhi asks her, if you are taking her side. Dadi says, I am not taking his side but he did the right thing as there is no gain in loveless marriage.

Dadi’s friend asks Abhi and Pragya to play dandiya. Abhi agreed but Pragya didn’t relent. We are sure that Pragya will agree. Keep reading.

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