Abhi and Pragya escape from the goons den and reach the dhaba, but they were not alone. Bhagam Bhag plays…………Reporter says this non stop kidnapping drama are not going to end soon. She says they reached the dhaba. The dhaba people got happy seeing the rockstar. Pragya wanted to leave immediately. Abhi was hungry, so he has food. He tried to take help from the customer of the dhaba to call his family, but then he has to pay a hefty amount to make a call. Ofscreen Abhi meets Jigar of Saathiya who came on the set.

Reporter says if Abhi asks him to help then he will surely help him. She says you might be thinking when will this kidnapping drama end. Pragya is shooting in the same dress since a month. Abhi is seen relaxing at the dhaba after a heavy food. Keep reading.

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