Abhi tells the Doctor who is he and tells him that the woman inside is like his mother, who is undergoing treatment. He threatens him saying if the senior doctor doesn’t come within 10 mins then he will ruin the hospital.

He is seen wiping Beeji’s tears and consoling her. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum plays……………

Reporter says, Abhi is very angy today. His anger is on cloud nine today. Abhi is coming closer towards relations and addressed Sarla as his mom. He is fighting with a Doctor to save Sarla.

Pragya says, Sarla Maa got heart attack and she needs to be operation. As senior doctor is not here. Abhi comes and sort out the problem. Abhi is a big rockstar so everyone get serious and takes care of my mother well. I feel that he did a big favour on me.

Reporter says, Abhi is getting emotional for his mother in law. Abhi is waiting outside the operation theatre. He doesn’t have much patience. Abhi is threatening doctors but Pragya will acknowledge his gesture.

Pragya says, she hugs Abhi while getting emotional and it is a cute scene. Keep reading

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