Jalal sings a song for Jodha. She smiles and this infuriates Rukkaiya. He kisses jodha’s hand and hugs her. Jodha has become the queen of Hindustan and is wearing a crown. On the other end, Anarkali is dancing in the house as its wedding of anarkali. Salim is upset and angry. Salim is taken aback to see her dancing. Her foot start bleeding but she doesn’t stop. Jalal says I have never seen such good dance. Giver her the price.

Later anarkali was hurt and was crying because of pain. Her face was hidden, Salim comes and picks her up. He takes her home.

Off screen: Anarkali says my dad is so ill and I need money for his treatment, I danced in front of prince as a dancer and it was so painful.

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