Sid tells that he is breaking all of his relations with his wife Roshini patel. Roshini gets shocked. Reporter says divorce bell are ringing. Sid asks her to get out from her house and life. He says hearts are meeting during holi, but Sid and Roshini are breaking up. He was happy before, but someone kept black eye on his happiness. Roshini comes to his house and blames him for interested in sleeping with her. You never cared for my emotions and feelings. Sid is shocked. Roshini says he wants divorce now.

Roshini is surprised. Sid says mutual respect is broken by Roshini. He couldn’t bear what she has said. Reporter asks him to control his anger. He says everyone start laughing seeing his angry expressions. Reporter says DD brought police accusing Sid for kidnapping Roshini. Sid says he won’t accept the accusations as he is not guilty. DD says her trust was broken on Sid. Roshini says they have to stay for three months before getting the divorce as per law. Reporter says their relation can get better. Keep reading.

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