Reporter says, lets see how Sid entered DD’s house as her Jamai Raja. Hum Pyaar Karne Wale plays while Sid and Roshini face DD angrily. DD seems to be enjoyed as Roshini and Sid are seen holding each other hands.

Reporter says, Sid has become ghar jamai and entered DD’s house. If you are thinking DD has welcomed Sid with open arms then you are mistaken. She has welcomed him with taunts and bad words. DD says, she has given so many cheap names to Sid.

Sid says, DD welcomed him with her taunts. Reporter says, Sid has decided to get the mother and daughter united and has taken an initiative. DD welcomed him with taunts. Sid bear everything silently, but Roshini took his side and tells DD that she is happy being Sid’s wife who belongs to middle class family.

Reporter says, new game will start at DD’s house like a cat and mouse game. Lets see who is cat and who is mouse. It is yet to be seen who wins. Keep reading.