Sid comes to the hospital in injured state. Roshni heard about his condition and fly down from Bangkok. Sid’s life is in danger and he is seen swinging between life and death. Jaane Tujhe Denge……..plays………..Roshni cries. Reporter says Sid’s breath and his heart beat has stopped for a while when Roshni come to meet him. He is swinging between life and death and Roshni is calling him urging him to come. Roshni says she is working in a hospital and has become his personal nurse. She says it is nothing like that. She says she fly down from Bangkok to see him, but don’t want to anybody to see her that’s why she changes her dress and go and meet Sid. Sid says this is real test of love. This is very critical and it is showing.

Reporter says true love even make the dead person alive. Roshni called him with a true love. Sid takes a heavy breath. Roshni gets happy. Sid thinks his Roshni returned to him and gets very happy. Sid holds her hand and tries to stop her, but Roshni recalls the betrayal and leaves from there. Roshni says you say so many lies to hide one lie and it is not good. Reporter asks what did you do Roshni. Sid is pained in this condition. He can’t let you go. Tadap Tadap Ke plays……Reporter says you are at fault too for hurting her. That’s why Roshni runs far from you. Roshni too needs to rest in the hospital as she shoots in the foreign for long and also does some shopping. Roshini says she has so much body ache and needs rest. Keep reading.

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