Roshini thinks to make something for Sid and goes to Kitchen. She tries to make Baigan Ka Bharta, but the brinjal gets burnt. Sid comes home and sees the smoke. Drama Queen Hai Plays…………………..He smiles. Reporter says, this girl is Sid’s queen. She was surprised with what have happened. She do not know how to cook but tried to make it. Brinjal was burnt and the house was filled with smoke.

Roshini got tears in her eyes because of the chopped onion. Roshini says, she doesn’t know how to cook and is trying. Sid takes Roshini’s side and says she is trying her best. Sid throws a paper on Roshini to make her happy. He plans an outing with her. Sid says, they can spend some private time together.

Reporter says, he doesn’t know what has happened before he came home. He teases Roshini and asks her to get Brinjal out of his way. Roshini tells him that she wants to make his favourite dish. Sid pampers her and tells her that she will learn it soon. Roshini tells the recipe of baigan ka bharta. Reporter says, we hope that you will cook this recipe after returning from your honeymoon. Keep reading.

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