Arzoo gets shocked when Zeenat who is in coma, holds her hand. Arzoo shouts. Reporter says this is happening with Arzoo. Sahir’s first wife is giving shock to Arzoo. Arzoo runs and falls down. Arzoo says Sahir’s first wife Zeenat has come back and it is a shock for her. She says she is in coma, but holds her hand when they are alone. She says no one is trusting them. Reporter asks Sahir to speak something. Sahir says he is tired of saying. Kurti Apa says Sahir respects her a lot and doesn’t ignore her sayings.

Reporter says it is actually Kurti Apa’s conspiracy along with Zeenat. Sahir says she is doing something, but doesn’t know what she is doing. Kurti Apa laughs. Kurti Apa says she wants to send Arzoo from home and she is not happy with her. It is interesting. Reporter says new villian has entered the show as Vikram Singh Rathode. Kurti Apa and Zeenat will play their games. Arzoo says she will prove that she is right. Keep reading.

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