Sahir organizes fashion show in Humsafars. Babli Badmash hain plays while the models walk the ramp. Reporter says, This Babli is quite mischievous and she is none other than Sahir’s bhabhi. She is looking stunning. Payal is playing Anam’s role.

Payal says, Anam’s role is very ambitious and glamorous. She wore Sahir’s designs. Everyone kept quiet seeing Sahir on the ramp. Arzoo says, she will get him on the right path. Reporter praises Sahir’a fashion show and his bhabhi.

Anam is the show stopper of the fashion show. Reporter says, we don’t know what is Arzoo doing in the fashion show. Sahir says, we have brought her from Lucknow. Reporter says, Sahir’s family seems strange. Everyone is fashion conscious and professional and we just hope that Arzoo teaches them the importance of relationship.

Babli Badmash hain plays as Anam walks the ramp stylishly. Keep reading.

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