Sahir is trying to protect Arzoo. A masked man is targetting Arzoo. Sahir jumps from the stairs and runs towards Arzoo. He hugs her and takes the bullet on his back to save Arzoo. Reporter says Sahir is going awat from Arzoo, he is getting short of breathe. Arzoo cries. Hare Ram plays………….She cries hugging him. Reporter says Sahir risked his life for Arzoo. Arzoo was on the target, but he took the bullet on himself. Reporter says Arzoo is repenting today after this incident. She is thinking why she did fight with Sahir.

Arzoo says she didn’t think that this would happen else she would have behave properly with him. She would not have fight with him. She is crying a lot. Reporter says Sahir got the bullet on his heart, but Arzoo doesn’t want anyone to take her place. Arzoo says how can anyone take her place. It is my place. Sahir says how possessive. Reporter says this will bring them closer. Reporter says you knows well that nothing will happen to your Sahir. She is eating Vada Pav and laughing. The truth will be revealed soon that the attacker is within her family. Keep reading.

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