Sahir and Arzoo do fight with each other over petty issues. Ladna Jhagadna plays…………Reporter says the fighting qualities are inbuilt in them. Arzoo shows him ego like he do. They start fighting with each other. The hot topic is Arzoo doesn’t want to go in taxi with him. Sahir wants to take her in his car. Arzoo says she wore the saree to impress Sahir. Sahir asks her to come home and says he will come along with her in taxi.

Reporter says Arzoo is looking good in a big jhumkas and red saree. Sahir is bowled over on her beauty.Arzoo says she took 4 hours to get ready in saree and make up. Sahir says she is looking beautiful since yesterday. Reporter says Arzoo to respects Sahir’s gesture as he brought the flowers for 1000 Rs. Actually Arzoo wants to go to Sahir, but wants to lower his ego. Keep reading.

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