Arzoo comes to her room and sees Zeenat drowning in the pool. She jumps in the swimming pool and takes out Zeenat from there. Reporter says Arzoo saved Zeenat. He says Arzoo proved that the one who saves life is big. First she gave her hand to Zeenat, but then jumped in it. Arzoo risked her life to save her sautan. She didn’t know swimming. Zaki, Vikram, Kurti Apa and Alvira come there. Zaki lifts Zeenat and takes her to bed. Arzoo says she was drenching in the pool with Sahir so many times. Now she saved his first wife Zeenat.

Zeenat says Arzoo did this in Sahir’s love. Sahir says it is a secret, why Zeenat went to pool. Zaki says she might be tired of sleeping. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo for trying to kill Zeenat and forces her to leave the house. She accuses Arzoo and informs the Police. She asks Vikram to take Arzoo to the police station and get her behind bars, but Sahir comes to her rescue. He tells Kurti Apa that Arzoo would never do anything like that. Reporter applauds for him. Zaki says Arzoo Nausheen Khan is a super woman. Sahir says she saved someone before too. He agrees with Zaki. Reporter applauds for Arzoo’s gesture.

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