Arzoo comes to Sahir and gets closer to him. She kisses on his hand. Khamoshiyaan song plays…………….Sahir reciprocates to her and makes her sleep beside on the couch. Reporter says they have come closer, but it is not their decision. The situation brought them closer. Sahir is seen caressing her face. Reporter says both of them are not in their senses and we will tell you the reason. Someone added poison in the glucose drip of Sahir. Arzoo tries to take the poison out, sucks his blood and spit out. Arzoo says you saw it in Cinema.

Reporter says love has made her helpless to save Sahir. Arzoo says Sahir is very important for him. She doesn’t care about his life. Sahir should be alive. I am doing that. Sahir then took care of Arzoo. Both of them fell unconscious. Zaki comes to their rescue and sees them unconscious. Zaki says he saw them unconscious because of the poison. Reporter says this conspiracy has brought them closer and the day is not far when they will find out about the culprit together. Keep reading.

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