Arzoo wishes to become a big fashion designer, but was blamed for stealing the designs. Reporter says Arzoo has taken a big step towards becoming a fashion designer. She has designs some unique designs. Anyone can say that she will soon become a popular fashion designer. She shows the designs which she has made.

She tells that she makes western clothes designs as it depends on the client’s likes. Reporter says Sahil’s bhabhi Anam is hinderance to her success. When Arzoo takes her designs to Sahir, Anam accuses Arzoo saying it is her designs and blames her for stealing her designs.

Sahir gets confused and scolds Arzoo. Arzoo says I have made so many designs, but Sahir don’t want to see. If I gets angry then I will show him what else I can do. Reporter asks Arzoo not to hope that Sahir will understand her and suggests her to make unique designs till then. Keep reading.

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